Saturday, January 3, 2009

Algorithmic Music

These guys presented this last week ( past year though ) at the CCC congress, their work about algorithmic music . As a result, they came up with custom hardware capable to implement the idea of rhythms ( and polyrhythms ) generated by algorithms ( like Euclidean algorithm to compute gcd, as stated this paper, also mentioned in the congress ).

Since I've lost all my midi libraries and python wrappers in my old G4 powermac, Im trying to rebuild all over again ( which is a pain in the arse btw ). I'll be updating this post, when I get something working.


  1. manuk, cuando sea grande quiero ser como vos! un abrazo! L.

  2. ja justo estaba viendo que entro alguien de NZ. y no Lau, no queres :). abz